We know that you have a very important call and a ministry to take care of and to develop. But conveying the message of Jesus and bringing news of salvation has become an increasingly complicated task, because we live in a world saturated with messages, with multiple and complex methods of communication and with a war without precedents to move the world away from God through the TV, radio, Internet and hundreds of mobile forms of multimedia information.
As Christians, what are our plans and tools to make our message be more effective, more listened, more remembered and more accepted?? Without a doubt we live in one of the most exciting and determining times mankind has ever experienced. That is why we must have the means, creative strategies, resources, innovative capacity and the wisdom that God has placed in our hands.

This is why we are here: to guide and advice you throughout this process. To support you in the most important mission any human has ever carried out: Go around the world and preach the gospel to every Creature.



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